Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Canterbury Tales Part 1 OR Always Pack Sensible Shoes

Always pack sensible shoes.

This is a lesson that I believed I knew but apparently I didn't. I am quite content to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but I also like to look cute. Especially when I'm going to dinner with my absolutely darling boyfriend (which because of the distance is very rare). When I was packing for our "weekend" away, I knew I didn't have much room in my bag since I was packing for the two of us. So I decided to wear my "cute" shoes the entire time. I mean, why not? They make me closer to Matt's height and they're adorable. I'd worn them for long periods of time before and never had a problem. I was so very, very, very wrong.
These shoes are evil. Adorable, shiny evil.
These shoes may have been handmade by God.

Traveling wearing shoes that are cute is ALWAYS a terrible, terrible idea ladies. Unless of course you fancy making puppy dog eyes at your boyfriend as you pass an H&M and begging him to let you run in and grab some flats. Just a little tip.

But that's not what you're here to hear about is it? I'm sure you're all wondering about this...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Map, Compass, Camera...

I would have to argue that, when traveling, the one thing you cannot leave home without is your camera. Toothbrushes and missing socks can (for the most part) be found where you’re going or at least in the airport. Your camera however, whether it’s a crappy little digital camera or a massive state of the art DSLR, can’t be replaced. And the whole point of traveling is making memories is it not? Obviously you don’t want to walk around with your camera permanently attached to your face but sometimes there are moments that, if you don’t capture them, you’ll miss forever.

When embarking on a journey such as mine (ours <3 really) part of the fun is capturing not only each site but also how we change from the first to the last. It’s going to take quite a long time to get from #1 to #936 (and lord knows there will be more added with each coming year).

At one point last summer, Matt mentioned that he’d love to have a Polaroid camera. I of course freaked because as far as I knew Polaroid had stopped making it’s film and the only way to find some was to scrounge around on eBay (this was before I learned about the impossible project). No me gusta. So I set about to find him an alternative.

I went to a quaint little photo blog that my friend directed me to and found this little beauty:

Friday, 6 July 2012

Stonehenge is like Disney World. No. Really.

Yesterday was the realization of a major childhood dream of mine. Ever since I first learned about Stonehenge I have wanted to visit. It's a place of magic, a place of mystery and a place of romance for someone like me who is in love with both history and fantasy literature. It's a dream location.
It was certainly an amazing day. We didn't just see our first World Heritage Site. We also learned a lot about what this whole process is going to be like.
(Please note this is a long post)

The ticket in!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Update Wednesday :D

As promised here is your Wednesday update :D

First, I am going to change my updating schedule. I know. Terribly unreliable of me. However, it seems like there will be so much happening every week that it makes sense to just update at the end instead of in the middle. Every Friday will be Travel Story day and Wednesday will be for other miscellaneous type posts.

Matt is walking without crutches and so tomorrow morning we are off to Trafalgar Square to catch a bus to STONEHENGE!!! I'm a little sad that we can't see Avebury but it's really not a very easy place to reach unless you have a car so STONEHENGE is totally fine for now. Honestly though I cannot wait to see it. It's been a dream of mine to see it since I was little and now Matt is taking me. *SQUEE*

Next week we're off to Canterbury :)