Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Just a quick update.


I haven't died.

Or forgotten about the blog.

I'm just enjoying living a kind of normal life with my boyfriend. It happens so rarely that I'm actually loving just sitting around and cooking with minimal levels of snarkyness involved.

Jet lag sucks. I only just got my first good nights sleep.

I'm freezing. Like, I am a human icicle. I will not be leaving the house today. No thank you.

There is also nowhere else I would rather be right now. Nowhere.

I mean come on. Who would ever want to be too far away from this face?


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Next Stop!

So, now that I've gotten myself together and finally finished the posts about our lovely summer travels, it's time for take off again!

This time it's off to Edinburgh, Scotland :D

I guess we forgot to mention that Matt lives in a World Heritage Site. Or that I lived in a World Heritage Site for a few months. Or that we met in a World Heritage Site.

All of that makes Edinburgh our next great adventure. It should be fun to pretend to be tourists in a place we've lived. Matt knows it better than I do so we'll see how much he doesn't know this time around.

I'm so excited to be going back to him. Less than 24 hours to take off. Lets do this.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blenheim Palace OR Why You Sometimes Have to Travel at the Buttcrack of Dawn

Sometimes, the only way to complete this type of an undertaking is to bite the bullet and travel early. Really f*@%ing early. I can't even remember how early it was but it was, as Matt and I heard it aptly described by a large man we passed while walking along the Thames, it was "the crack of a larks fart". Or something like that. I believe that it set the stage for our day. I recently read a post from The Everywhereist  (who I LOVE even though I don't know her) where she talked about how not every trip goes well. There will be fights even when you're with the one you love.

Our day at Blenheim was one such day. It was mostly my fault. As it always is. I don't always cope well with traveling far and early. It's something I'll have to learn to grow up about really. But, as always, Matt was brilliant and put up with me without getting too mad himself. It turned out to be an okay day in the end. Also, what made it bad had nothing to do with the location. So, bearing in mind that I was super grumps that day, I will try to tell you as much as I can without being bitter (please note - I will be bitter). This will be interesting. 

See how this picture is crooked?
Angry Taylor forgets she sucks at taking pictures and refuses to relinquish the camera.

Getting Lost in Bath OR The Best Day Ever

I am not a fan of day trips. I mean, I am... but I'm not.  The IDEA of spending a whole day exploring is exciting. The ACTUALITY of getting out of bed early and undertaking non-car travel is NOT my idea of fun at all. So, I was doing my best to stay optimistic about us spending an entire day traveling to Bath but I was constantly prepping myself for just being tired and wanting to come home. 

However, Matt and I LOVE Bath. I could live there. I never -not once that day- wished we were anywhere else.
The time goes on forever.