Friday, 14 December 2012

I Am Prone To Distraction

Hello all!

I feel awful.

I'm sitting here, late at night, making lists of all the things that need to be done before Christmas and I realized that it has been absolutely FOREVER since I wrote anything of any substance. I certainly haven't updated here.

I am a ball of guilt.

In better news, the Unlikely Explorers better half will be in the States for Christmas so there will be more to write about soon! However, it's unlikely I'll have time to post before the New Year

So, keeping that in mind, I figured we should do a quick recap of the wonderful in interesting things that happened for UNESCO World Heritage Sites (and us!) this year...

1) This year the World Heritage Convention celebrated it's 40th Anniversary! The World Heritage Convention was adopted in the November of 1972. Since then it's been responsible for identification, protection and conservation of natural and cultural sites worldwide. <- While that may sound a bit boring all written out, just think of all the beautiful places that would have been (and are under threat of being) destroyed.

2) During this banner year for UNESCO they have added 26 new sites making the current total 962!

3) The new inscriptions includes the first Palestinian World Heritage Site. For those of you who aren't completely aware of why this is huge- it's a step forward for any part of the UN to acknowledge Palestine as it's own independent state.

And for us...

The Unlikely Explorer blog was started! Matt and I got our first taste of (kind of) living together and traveling together which was amazing.

Those are our highlights! I know it's a short list but hopefully as the years pass the lists of amazing things that have happened will keep on growing!

To all my Jewish friends, Happy (end of) Chanukah!
To all my Pagan friends, have a lovely Yule!
Finally, to all of my Christmas lovers (Christian, Agnostic and ahem Atheist alike), Merry Christmas!!!

And to everyone ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!~

I hope to see you all in 2013 <3


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