Sunday, 30 December 2012

An Unlikely Explorer Update!

Hello all!

It's only a day and few hours to the New Year and I'm sitting in a living room in New York. The living room is familiar and so is the family that fills it but this year matt is adding his considerable charm and adorable face to the mix. It's been a crazy christmas this year. We kept waiting for Matt to do a lot of christmas-y things and so it didn't feel like christmas until he landed on the 23rd. Since then it's been food and smiles and board games and barely any sleep and an awful amount of wrapping paper piling up in corners.

Even with our World Heritage Site dreams, life (and travel) wouldn't be worth it if we restricted ourselves to only trips to exotic locales. Even though we are close to New York City there won't be any time or chance to visit. Sometimes it's about family and relaxing. This trip it's been all about Matthew learning about my life and meeting my family (or, really, what's left of it). It's been lovely showing Matt the country outside of the cities and showing him how people really live here. My favorite thing is that he keeps commenting on how beautiful this country is. It's taken his new eyes for me to find the beauty in something that I've considered normal in my life.  So we're going to enjoy our time with American diners and movie theaters and American football. Besides, Matt still has time here when we get home and Washington D.C. is right on my doorstep.

I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday and that your New Year celebrations are fabulous and filled with hope for 2013. I'll be back with more travel stories next year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! <3
T xx

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