Monday, 4 February 2013

A Very Special Day

Hello everyone! Today's post has mostly zero to do with traveling, just as fair warning. Then why make a post you say? 

Because it's Matthew's Birthday!!!!! 
He tries to pretend he doesn't know how good looking
 he is, but he knows...
Yes, the love of my life turns 22 today! Which means I can now tease him for being old just like he teases me. 

Since this time last year we've really fallen into sync. We've seen some amazing things and gone through some ridiculous(ly sad/painful/super-stressful) times together and, honestly, I would never want to do that again with or for anyone else. Even with all of that, I think that this past year has been a good one and I hope that Matt feels the same. 21 wasn't all that bad but I'm betting 22 will be better :)

Unfortunately, I can't celebrate it with him and, because of the perils of overseas shipping, it doesn't seem he'll get his presents anytime soon either. Below is a small birthday present for him.

A Happy Tuesday to you all :)

Happy Birthday Matthew <3

My Dearest Matthew, 

I know that you're in the busiest most stressful part of the semester. I also know that you're feeling lonely being there without me or your family. In fact,  you're feeling a bit like this about your birthday...

But I think that it can still be a great day! It's your birthday! It's certainly one of my favorite days :)
So, before you get too into your work for today, take a small moment to celebrate you. To help, I've picked a song that was #1 on the day of your birth in 1991. 

Before you go any further PRESS PLAY(then scroll down)

The fact that you're here is cause for celebration! President Barack Obama certainly thinks so...

He's down with your radical ideas. He knows we need change! You can be that change!

 Doctor Who is totally down to party in your honour
And being over 900 years old and the last of his kind makes him a very busy man, so you must be special if he's taking a chunk of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff out of his schedule for you...

The birth of a man like you can make even the most hardend criminals gleeful.
Bane won't even mock you for only just inheriting the dark today. Because it's your birthday. He respects that. 

Our girl Beyonce is totally ready to live it up.
It's not often that a power-player comes into the world. She know's you all need to stick together.

I hope that you embrace today.
You do you, baby. 

Just because I can't be there and you'll be on your own doesn't mean you can't still have fun.
I mean, look at this Zebra...
All by himself just doing his thing. Haters gonna hate.

Put on your favorite jam and have a little party for yourself.
You know you deserve it.

If it makes you feel better, remember that next year, the two of us weirdo's will be together.
Instead of just acting like it's another day, we'll take our joy outside to the world like these two...

 Then, since it's your birthday, I'll end the day with a little something like this...
Only I'll be a million times more dramatic to fit the situation.

Why you ask?


So please baby, be excited about your birthday.
 It's a fabulous day that's all about you. 

I'll be in your pocket whenever you need me <3
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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