Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday Morning, Spring Snow Day Addition.


I have no excuse. Obviously, with the development of life around me, I've lost track of the days. When I work on Friday it's hard to update on Friday unless I really update on Thursday. Which happens only when I remember that it's Thursday before it's too late. Quite frankly, unless it's Monday (dreaded, horrible, awful Monday) I rarely know what day it is anymore. So lets update today!

#1 ~ What in the world is going on outside my window? When I lived in Minnesota, or Massachusetts, or New York, this was expected.I live in the Mid-Atlantic. Close the south. On March 25th, what the hell is this?
Two days ago I went outside in shorts. All this does is fill me with anger.
#2 ~ The real reason for this brilliant Monday update:

The Unlikely Explorer is no longer waiting!!!!!! 
(I wish I could also make this sparkle- If I was better with computers/not too lazy to find out I probably could)

Maybe this weird ass weather is the way of the universe preparing me for next year because I'm moving back to Scotland. This means living with Matt. Also, this means I'll finally get my masters. 

It's weird that it feels like finally because it's been less than a year since I graduated with my Bachelors, but it does. It really does feel like I can FINALLY breathe. 

Although it's going to be a difficult year, I hope this means more wonderful adventures for the blog. It definitely means that there will be a series of posts with HOPEFULLY useful tips about obtaining visas, house hunting overseas (when you can't even be there) and of course, packing your life into 1-2 suitcases. I've already done it once before, so... we'll see if I learned anything from the first time. 

I hope that, even though it's stupid Monday, you all have a wonderful day and an amazing rest of the week. I'm going to take my snow-day to take one last day to bask in the relief of knowing my future. Then we'll go back to a little bit of waiting. 

5 months to go!!!

T xxx

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