Thursday, 7 March 2013

Travel Writing and Inspiration

The funny thing about waiting is that it can make us lose sight of what we wanted in the first place. I want to write. That's why this blog exists. The problem is wanting to write about travel and not travelling kind of adds up to a bit of conundrum. And pulling inspiration out of thin air isn't going to happen either.

That's why, while we've been on the subject of travel related things to do to pass the time between trips, I've been eyeing my (distressingly neglected) book shelf.

If you're like me, you like reading in all sorts of situations. On cold nights at home, warm nights at home, on the way to work, at work, in the tub (the tub isn't at work, though). The point is, I love reading. Recently however, it's been easy to bet caught up in other things. It's easier to just turn the brain off after 7 p.m. and leave it at that.

Which is why, sitting pristine and lovely on my bookshelf are two Christmas presents: Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson and All Roads Lead to Austen by Amy Smith. The search for inspiration should obviously come from those who have already done what you're aspiring to do, right?

So, over the next few weeks, I'll be bringing you some small tid-bits and life lessons I've learned along the journey's with them (which is a really pretty way to say I'll be reviewing the books). Maybe, if we're all lucky, I'll pick up a few new ideas and techniques for my own writing. Then, when that next trip finally happens, I'll be more than ready.

Happy Friday everyone!

T xx

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