Saturday, 2 March 2013

Memory Keeping

Life, the way it is now, is slow going. Most of the time people find themselves looking at calendars and freaking out about how fast the days seem to go. But sometimes, when you get a chance to sit down for a moment, all of a sudden you're not saying "Oh my God it's already March!", you're saying "Oh dear God it's only March".

During this period of intense waiting, it's nice to have something to do. My boss, who is also a very good friend, got me interested in scrapbooking by showing me some of the wonderful things she's done for her family. With all the pictures that we have, I figured it would be a nice way to make use of them since I'm running out of picture frames. Not to mention the fact that it's nice to remember the good and sunny times when it's dreary outside.
These are from an adorable Far & Away Chipboard found at Two Peas In A Bucket
Now I'm certainly not claiming to be a scrapbooking expert. I simply like to play around with scissors and paper and I like being able to create something special with our pictures. I have already made Matt a book of our Instagram pictures for Christmas. I was inspired by reading A Beautiful Mess, which is a great blog with a lot of great ideas. After hours of trying to cut things in a straight line and picking out decorative maps etc, I was surprised to not have gone off the idea. It's no masterpiece surely but it's a place to start and we both love having it around. Hopefully Matt can send me a picture to share with you all since I can't seem to find one. I guess that's lesson #1: Always document your work. 

Here's a little mini accordion album I did for our New Years trip to New York. It's made with an accordion album I got through Umba Box but I'm afraid I can't remember who makes them (if anyone knows please let me know!). It didn't take long to complete and the outside still needs decoration but it was a lot of fun to do.
Here's the as yet unfinished outside of our New Years Mini-Album
I was kind to my future self and ordered Instagram shots that I loved off of PostalPix before he left. That way I could make something while I was trying to ignore the fact that he was gone. The hardest part was picking the pictures because there were so many pictures and not enough space. However, after I picked a theme it was easier. To attach the pictures, I simply used black photo tabs from Michaels. That way that pictures don't actually have to have adhesive on them which protects them and makes them easy to change out (not that I want to).
Part of the finished inside!
I've decided that before I start really scrapbooking (like those beautiful 12x12 pages that you see) I really need supplies. I have a lovely craft bag as a gift from my boss and some cutting tools (although I don't think that even rulers and straight edges can help me) but I've been stocking up on other things as well. This is probably because I also love shopping but we'll ignore that fact and just decide that it's rather wise to have a full cache of fun tools to play with.
Some of the supplies I'm looking forward to using:
Project Life cards, washi tape and many coloured pens :)
The real tips I can provide for right now are organization. I realize that everyone nowadays keeps their pictures on their computer. I have folder after folder of photos from our trips. I also have them backed up on a usb stick. However, I also very much believe that the true point of these pictures is to be looked at. No, you're not going to frame every shot from your travels but scrapbooking is another way to keep your pictures around and there to look at. Also, computers crash and if you don't have any prints that means the pictures are gone. I tend to use WalMart for my printing because it's the most inexpensive option I have currently.

I was told that ordering doubles can be best, especially if you plan on scrapbooking, just because if you're going to be cutting pictures you'll want extras in case you screw something up. I separate out one  set and store the other in a craft box in the closet. I know it's there but I won't to pull it out unless I need it. 

The pictures I want to use go into a "holding" album. This is a great tip I got from my boss who uses albums with sleeves (NEVER ones with sticky backings as that can damage pictures) to keep pictures together and in order. It's a bit of a squeeze with the sheer amount of pictures we have but it works well. 

Finally, I have this little box. I have this because scrapbooking isn't just about pictures, it's also about the things like ticket stubs and brochures and.. I don't know... matchboxes, if that floats your boat. It's a plain black craft box from Michaels that I was able to "decorate" and label however I wanted....
Decorated and labeled with dates and locations...I know you're super impressed.
I try to make sure everything is labeled so that there's no confusion in our later years :P This box will last until we (hopefully) move in together next fall. I like the ideal of keeping some of that separation of chapters of life. 

Inside there are envelopes containing all sorts of things we've collected, although I'll admit it's mostly train tickets and plane tickets and admissions tickets... also a bingo card or two. I also keep the printed Instagram pictures in there too. 
All the pictures and bits and bobs :) 

That's the little beginning of my big project! 

It's so fabulous to pass the time doing something creative. And it lets me revisit our past trips while I wait for the next one to come around. If you travel a lot, or just like taking pictures in your every day life, scrapbooking is a great way to use them. Photos in frames are nice, but you can't do much with them. Here, you can personalize and go as crazy as you want keeping the memories fresh.

Happy Sunday everyone!

T xx

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