Saturday, 9 June 2012

"Do you have your exit buddy?"

Unfortunately, Matt has - in british terms - "done his ACL". So while the poor thing recovers from his surgery, there isn't much anything to do but enjoy summer football (something that would never happen at home!) and plan trips :)

I am by no means an expert at travelling. I habitually pack too much, I get anxious and arrive to early, and any form of public transportation has me reach for Purell so often that I should buy stock.  That being said, I do have two thing that I KNOW I need every time I leave on an adventure...

The best bag ever to exist ever...
Everyone meet PAN AM. A vintage style Pan Am carryon and a lovely graduation present from my Mama. This trip is my fifth trip overseas and I figured it was time for me to get something sturdier than my dinosaur backpack (although the beloved yet tattered bag will make an appearance surely). Pan Am holds my computer, extra clothes, toiletries and much, much more! It's going to make those sure to be frequent one or two day trips so much easier.

Isn't he cute? 
And then there's Matt :)

The past few days we've gone through the massive World Heritage Sites book picking out the ones that are closest to our location of the London suburbs. Luckily there's actually quite a few:

-Stonehenge and Avebury
-Blenheim Palace (near Oxford): The birthplace of Winston Churchill
-Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace, and St. Margarets Church
-City of Bath
-Tower of London: We visited here last summer but we didn't take any pictures so I've demanded that we return
- Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augestines Abbey, and St. Martins Church (Kent)
- Maritime Greenwich: The birthplace of time!
- Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

So by the time I leave our count should be at 8/911. Which is a modest but decent start. We've already come so close to one of them on the list already...

Not pictured: Massive crowds visiting for the Diamond Jubilee
Hopefully we'll be traveling soon so I can bring you stories and pictures but until then FOOTBALL IS ON!


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