Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Moving the goal posts....

We're still hanging out at home but by the end of this week we should be able to get out by ourselves. Matt went onto the UNESCO site to look up some unrelated information and found something rather surprising. There are more World Heritage Sites added to the list. UNESCO have added 21 new cultural sites, 3 new natural sites and 1 new mixed site. Now instead of having a goal of 911 sites we have a shiny new goal of 936. All before we've even started. 

Barbados' "Historic Bridgetown and it's Garrison" really is my favorite edition. A nice trip to a world heritage site and then the sunning on the beach? Perfect much? Matt however seems to be most pleased about The Persian Garden in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Leave it to my darling to be happy about venturing into the war-torn middle east for some adventuring. 

You can find all of the World Heritage Site listings at their website. Each entry has amazing pictures of the sites and information on why they were chosen. 

Hopefully this weekend I'll be updating with some trip information and some pictures!

x T

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