Saturday, 9 June 2012

(Shortly after) The Beginning

I'm at great risk of sounding cliché but it's often hard to know how to start this kind of thing. It's a very typical girl meets boy story. Except this time girl mets boy while she was on her semester abroad.  My name is Taylor. I'm a writer and a reader and now, surprisingly, a travel enthusiast.

For my abroad semester in college I decided to move to Edinburgh, Scotland all by myself.

Didn't really think that one through if I'm being honest. 

I arrived in the middle of the night in the middle of January in SCOTLAND. You can imagine how that went. I literally fell flat on my butt about 20 minutes after arriving. For the most part, I'm extremely shy. I spent most of my time traveling with old school friends (for the shortest amount of time possible) or just hanging out on my own. Great way to spend my time abroad, I know. As luck would have it I met Matt the day before I was supposed to return to America. And then my flight home was cancelled. Even though it was only for a day, that was all it took.

Matt is my opposite in nearly every way possible. He's more open minded, extroverted, adventurous and a Londoner born and bred. Loving him is making me come out of my shell.

Amongst other things, Matt loves to travel. His dream is to see all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He's already seen 200 but we've decided that since I'm here now, we might as well start over together. As a writer, I felt we needed a place to document all of our attempts (hopefully with more successes than not) to see all 911 in our lifetime. Well, this is it.

It's taken 6 transatlantic flights, 4 cities, and one year to get to a place where we can finally start our travels :D

One half love story and one half travel blog. I hope you enjoy.

Christmas in Edinburgh <3


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